M I D L A N D,  W A

Proud history. Exciting future. 

Midland is a suburb rich in heritage, charm and ambience. In the 1900's, Midland's iconic Railway Workshops serviced WA's Government Railways for many years. Today, Midland is part of a thriving tourism industry. Its designation as a tourism precinct means extended trading hours for retail business, attractive landscaping, street art and furniture, and an emerging cultural arts calendar flourishing with a year-round art and performance program. 





Midland is currently undergoing a significant renewal program. The redevelopment of Midland includes:

  • The Midland Workshops (19th century building) undergoing thoughtful restoration to provide an urban village for a new era. The history of the buildings will be retained, but the new workshops will be updated to house a range of commercial, health, education, entertainment and creative industries.  
  • Construction of a new $360 million hospital, St John of God. 
  • Curtin UniversityMedical School near the Midland Hospital has been confirmed, with the State Government committing $22 million to assist. 
  • Midland Railway Workshops getting a $9.7 million makeover. The new precinct will include alfresco dining, water features and public art.
  • Midland Oval Precinct Development – Midland Oval will also undergo redevelopment, the precinct transformed to include a plaza and large outdoor amphitheatre. 
  • Expansion of Midland Gate to become Perth's largest shopping mall.
  • Enhancement of public transport access
  • Improved road networks
  • New shops and cafes


Artist Impression of new St John of God Hospital in Midland. Artist Impression of new St John of God Hospital in Midland.


The revitalisation of Midland has strengthened its role as a strategic metropolitan centre bringing widespread economic, social and environmental benefits to the region. 


For more information on Midland's Redevelopment Plan, visit www.mra.wa.gov.au/projects-and-places/midland


M I D L A N D  I N  T H E  N E W S 

The West Australian, 23 May, 2016

The design for Midland’s newest public open space near the historic railway workshops has been unveiled, with $9.7 million allocated in the State Budget for the renovation.

Pic 3

Pic 1

The transformation in the Midland Railway Workshops precinct will include a public space at Railway Square, predicted to be nearly twice the size of Perth's Forrest Place. 

Planning Minister Donna Faragher said the Government aimed to revive Midland's industrial and innovative history.

"For more than 90 years, Midland Railway Workshops were the centre of social and community life for generations of railway workers and local people living in the area," she said.

The new area will include alfresco dining, water features and public art but also acknowledge the area's heritage with a "ceremonial" railway line.

"We are creating a dynamic urban village, a place where people can live, work and invest, and an important commercial, residential and recreational activity centre," Ms Faragher said.

Most of the work will be finished next year. 

Tiffany Warne – The West Australian, 23 May, 2016.



The City of Swan, May, 2016

Midland’s Oval Precinct Development. The new heart of Midland: Fresh, vibrant and unique, an air of relaxation, distinctive green spaces, and an appreciation of its rich history. 

Planning for Midland Oval Precinct has been extensive, with research and investigations covering all aspects of the project including economic and social considerations.

The precinct is expected to deliver 25,000sqm of retail floor space, 12,000sqm of restaurants and 90,000sqm of new office floor space. The precinct will also have a dedicated new event space. 


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Useful links:

Midland Oval Precinct Development Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKXuuqvSOyE&feature=youtu.be

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